S Palmer, Qld

I just wanted to email and tell you your Lavender and Rosemary Hand and Nail Cream is the BEST hand cream by many miles!! It's not greasy, it smells wonderful and lifts the spirits and it really does amazing things for my nails. I love to share it with my friends because they always say things like "this smells great - what is it - I have to get some!!" Nice work!! Please don't ever withdraw it - or at least let me know so I can buy a few cases first!

S Megaw

I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic skin care products. I have only recently started using Natio. I have been using another brand for a while, but recently I found that they were just becoming too expensive for me, so I looked around for another skin care range that was natural. I came across Natio by accident in the chemist and was impressed with the ingredients. I love what I am using and I am going to increase my range over time. I also really appreciate the fact that I can get such top products at a really competitive price. So thank you very much.

J Lees

The quality and value for money with Natio is just beyond brilliance. I have been using Natio products for six weeks. As a fully qualified, Ex- Beauty Therapist I feel like standing on a mountain top and telling the world about your products.

I spoke about your products to 'the girls' at church last week. This Sunday night I'm taking the Natio products for "show and tell". Some of the ladies are single mothers, desiring to take care of their skin, while also staying within their budget.

I see your company as offering quality and value for money that people will flock towards, sending shock waves through the skin care industry where prices are extravagantly high.

L Dial, Qld

I am writing to let you know how much I enjoy using your products. I am currently using the body wash, exfoliating body scrub and firming toning body lotion. Not only do they smell fabulous and feel great, they are also very affordable. I have yet to try the new Natio Spa range but look forward to doing so in the near future. Many thanks for producing wonderful skincare.

M Benfield

I began using Natio Cleanser, Toner and Moisturisers about four weeks ago. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and value of the products. My skin feels much better for the change to Natio. I particularly like the Toner. It's very refreshing and soothing. Thank you. I'm glad I made the change.

L Flora

Thanks to the great website that you have, I found a vitamin e moisturiser that you make. I never used it before and I went to buy it on the weekend and it is fabulous. I have been looking for a good vitamin e cream as that is the only type of moisturiser I prefer to use and it is just wonderful. My skin feels so soft, after two days. My husband told me that my skin finally feels back to normal.

M Sanders

Your website is great and quite informative. I just want to congratulate you on a FANTASTIC product. I'm especially impressed with the One Minute Miracle Body Polish in your Spa range and I can't go without the Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser. I've turned my friends and family onto your product; I'm so impressed. Well done and keep up the good work.

K Irwin, Vic

Can't believe I am doing this - but I have to write to say "You guys are the best".

Must fess up: Generally I am one of those people who never bothers writing to companies, good or bad, but in all honesty, after years of trying many, many products, I cannot believe it has taken me so long to discover Natio....no more trawling the beauty counter for me!

The spa range is just amazing and so much fun. Thank you for a unisex scent that I can share with my beloved; thank you for generous sized containers; simple but elegant packaging and above all products that work. Your skin care is the best thing my skin has ever tried. My sensitivity is decreasing, flakiness disappearing, breakouts reduced, and general balance improving. Makeup: hooray for colors we will actually wear every day, fab packaging.

Must take a pic of my bathroom, which now resembles a Natio counter display - the likes of which - DJ's would be proud. Not sure how your sales dept will feel about this one, but discovered on the weekend your body wash works brilliantly on my horse!

Enough gushing from me, seriously though, I have never been so impressed with a total range before, and you now have a very vocal, loyal and supportive customer.

N Hall

The best thing about your products is the results. My skin looks 100% better since using Natio than it did using expensive "designer label" cosmetic ranges. I haven't had a breakout since I started using it eight months ago and my skin is clean, comfortable and glowing.

T Oziel

I just bought Natio off the shelf because it was inexpensive (after all, one moisturiser from a competitors brand costs the same as a full Natio skin regime) and it looked OK. I can honestly say that the products are very good. I am 32, a mother of two, with a demanding career (CEO of a leading business organisation), without much time to look after my skin, and I really think you guys are on to something good.

A Gifford, VIC

I wish to congratulate you on your Intensive Moisturising Night and Day Creams. I have tried many brands of moisturisers over the years and have found your brand to be the most effective. I personally suffer from Psoriasis and also have very sensitive skin and this product (luckily) does not aggravate the skin (unlike others on the market). The price is also very reasonable. I also love the fresh fragrance, which is not overpowering. I have also recommended these products to our family and friends!! I look forward to supporting your brand in the future and will now look at purchasing other products from your company. Thank you.

H Browne, QLD

I am just writing to congratulate your company in providing such a great product! The ‘Moisturising LIP BALM’. I actually started purchasing your product approximately two months ago. I was wanting to find a lip balm that stayed on and actually felt like it was doing what it’s supposed to do. I’ve tried them all! But your range stood out from the rest. Even my husband keeps telling me “You’ve gotten on to something good here!!”. He even loves your Lip Balm! I work in an air conditioned office environment, and my husband worksout doors, we both use your lip balm on a daily basis. Your product is superior and it’s good value too. So basically I'd like to thank you, and give you a big thumbs up!

P Gillespie, QLD

I am writing to congratulate Natio on its wonderful range of products. From the start of this year I have switched to Natio and am building up my cosmetics and toiletries. I have most of what I need and occasionally buy an extra product for a treat. I am very happy so far with your product and have even got some of my friends buying It. I am approaching 56 years old and luckily so far am wrinkle free. Here’s hoping Natio will keep me that way! Well done! Congrats to all!

M Slimmon

I just wanted to write to tell you that your products are AMAZING!! I am not usually one to try a variety of brands and usually just purchase whatever is on special when it comes to skincare. A pharmacy I was in recently had a big NATIO sale with all items half price. I purchased a few and was absolutely thrilled with the results. I now buy nothing other than NATIO and have recommended it to many friends who are also wrapped with the results. My husband even refuses to use anything else! So thank you for making an excellent product, one that is quite affordable and makes a big difference to my skin. I thought it was worth congratulating you on your excellent products and to encourage you to KEEP MAKING THEM!!!! Merry Christmas!

B Jones

Hi, This isn't an inquiry, it's a thank you. For years I have paid a fortune for my skin care products. My skin is super sensitive and I have used everything from thalgo to darphin, most of these very expensive brands work just fine on my skin, no flaking, no itching, no redness...however the cost has been phenomenal. My last moisturiser from Darphin cost over one hundred dollars! So I decided to try your line of skin care products. I didn't hold out all that much hope, as I have tried less expensive brands before and found that they didn't deliver. You can imagine my delight when your products did deliver! Not only do I not have any flaking, itching or redness to my face, my skin actually looks better. I have been receiving compliments on how nice my complexion is, how it has a lovely "dewy" look. Thank you so much, you are saving me a fortune and I look fantastic at the same time! Best of all, I am getting to support an Australian company. I am telling all my friends about my new found skin care regimen.

M Laucht

I am writing to congratulate your foresight in creating beautiful natural products for those that want a high quality product which is affordable, extremely easy to use and all natural. I have been using another plant-based skin care range for a very time. I have four daughters, all with different skin needs and the costs were skyrocketing. I found you in the nick of time.

My daughters are switching to NATIO and are paying for it with their small incomes and they still have entertainment money. I strongly believe that taking care of yourself must come before anything.

As a Christmas present I was thrilled this year to receive more Natio.

My deepest gratitude in helping me to put my daughters on the right path at the right price.

V Hatfield

Just wanted to comment on your moisturising lip balm. I have tried so many lipbalms over the years and this one is the best. I work as a flight attendant and this product is great on the ground as it is up in the sky! I never leave home without it. I am based in the middle east, however when I come home to Australia I bulk buy so I never run out. Thank you for creating this great product!

C Mulvena

I was just marvelling, again, at how much I love my Natio foundation and thought i would email some positive feedback. I ran out of my regular foundation about 6 months ago on a saturday night as i was getting ready to head out for the evening, this is every 24 year old womans nightmare! I ran down to the local chemist who usually stock \%#^& but they had run out of my colour. They did have a a Natio stand and i decided to give it a shot, coming from a generation of young women who think you have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to get a good quality product, and having tried other more reasonably priced brands in the past and being disappointed with the results, I was hesitant but willing to try. I must say I've never looked back!

I cant believe how fantastic it is! And also can't believe i have been paying $50-60 for foundation (and other make-up products) that don't even come close to being this good. People always comment on how nice my skin looks, and three of my girlfriends have made the switch as well! Goodbye *$!, *\%#^&** and *&^\%$#!

Have converted almost totally now, i have the lip gloss, liquid eye liner, eye shadows and brushes!

Thank you, Corinne

S. Marano

In June I delivered a 10 pound baby. I went from a size 14 to a size 20 during pregnancy. I obtained some of the worst stretch marks you can ever imagine. From one side of my stomach right across to the other side. They were deep, purple and long. I started to use you Miracle Body Polish on my belly and thighs as I thought it might nourish the skin. Well now I know why you call it "Miracle" Polish, because the next morning my stretch marks had faded considerably. If you ever want anyone to testify how good your products are look no further, you have rejuvinated my poor old floppy, marked belly and I feel good about myself again. Thank you so much, why don't you start promoting the polish for stretch marks, it works considerably better than anything on the market and smells divine.

J Gurton

Just wanted to say thanks for a great range of products. I am a newly devoted user. Your products are the only range that I can use without having problems with my skin. Evan my husband (who would normally say yuck to moisturiser) is using the mens firming moisturiser twice a day and seeing great results. I have even thrown out all my make up and replaced it with Natio brand only. Thanks again for products that actually work, smell great and are affordable.

L. Hicks, UK

I was given a jar of the Antioxidant Face Moisturiser by an Australian woman over here and it's just brilliant!! I would love to use your other products.....I can't believe the difference in my skin!....I’m 39, I have always taken care of my skin and usually use premium brands but this stuff is amazing.

Thank you so much.

P Gleeson

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your range. I came across your products in a small pharmacy near my work when I was desperate for some moisturiser and cleansing wipes for travel. The assistant in the pharmacy recommended Natio and I've never looked back. I now own many of your products and am thrilled that I have finally found products that don't irritiate my skin, don't cost the earth, are easy to find in shops, smell great, and actually work! Thank you!

L Horton

Hi, I just wanted to thank your company for the brilliant range of beauty products you make. I am 26 and still get breakouts. Before I had my daughter I used to use a very expensive brand that worked sometimes. After having my daughter, I could no longer afford to spend so much on my face care, so while at the chemist one day I came across your Young Skin range - it is so cheap and it actually works!!

I now use your make up, hand cream and almost any of your products I can get my hands on. Thank you so much for a product that works that is very affordable.

A Norte, NSW

My name is Ana and I just want to tell you how positively impressed I am with your products. Since I moved to Australia eight months ago, I've been trying to find skin care/cosmetics that I would feel good with and that would fit into my presently short student budget. 

In December, when looking for an aluminium-free deodorant, I found Natio at a pharmacy in Crows Nest and I was very impressed by the clean and sleek image, the wide portfolio of products and the reasonable prices.

I immediately bought the Roll-On and the Cleansing Wipes and later went back to the shop to buy the Intensive Moisturising Night Cream for dry skin and the Lustre Loose Powder Eye Shadow which I simply love.

I’m now running out of moisturiser and was very surprised to find out that you also sell online which for someone studying an intensive masters course is very convenient.  As a marketer I know that having feedback from consumers is the best reward someone “behind” a brand can have so I couldn’t miss this opportunity to tell you how great I think your products are and how happy I am with the results.

Moreover, who better than a satisfied and “shiny” customer to promote the products? I’ve been “passing the word” to all my international MBA colleagues, who are now discovering your products. Thank you for the giving Natio to us and maybe, one day, to the world.

A Davies

After using various skin care products, a friend told me about Natio. It is perfect for my aging skin which has been damaged after many years in the outdoors. The various Natio products I use are gentle yet nourishing to my skin. It feels great and smells divine!! It is a quality range without the huge price tag. I am thrilled to be able to support an ethical Australian company.

S Bleakley, NSW

I have recently purchased a pack of cleanser, toner and moisturiser which I felt was excellent value. I started my routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night and I was so impressed with your product that I have recently purchased the cleanser, toner and moisturiser again.

I have slightly sensitive skin but I also have an oily T-zone and I found the cleanser, toner and moisturiser an excellent combination. I love the texture and smell of these products, but most of all I love how my skin looks.

I feel that I have taken years off my skin and know that if I persist with this routine I will age gracefully. Once again thank you for releasing such a fantastic product that is so affordable.

F McAlister

Just want to say I LOVE Natio products. I had never seen the whole range until last week when I was at Sydney airport (I spent about an hour in the Chemist!).

I think your products are fantastic - especially the skin care range which I've been using for a few years. Your gift packs are also really great. I'm so happy that I can support an Australian company that makes quality products at a reasonable price and I recommend Natio whenever I can.

Thanks very much, keep it up!

J Pocock

I have just got back from the shops and bought the shampoo and botanical conditioner. They smell absolutely divine!! I also use some of the face skin care products and have found them to be good to my skin. I have experienced allergic reactions to other brands on the market.

I find Natio very affordable as I am on a very tight budget.

C Rietberg

I've been using Natio mascara for years, and only recently made the entire range my be all and end all for beauty care. Your products are gorgeous for many reasons.

A Egan, SA

Dear Natio - I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic company you are. The products are all wonderful.

I know I can trust the quality and performance and that it will be affordable. I buy your products for family and friends too - and recommend items to anyone who asks what I use.