Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

The high quality Ultrasonic Diffuser immediately releases the aromas of Natio’s pure, natural essential oils and essential oil blends into the air, filling the room with aromatic ambiance. Stylish and easy to use, the diffuser is the ideal accessory to bring essential oils into your everyday life. Suitable for home or office. Part of the Home Happiness range.

Click to see the comprehensive how-to-guide and learn about the many uses and applications of 100% pure, natural essential oils.


At the switch of a button, the Ultrasonic Diffuser immediately releases the natural scents of Natio’s pure essential oils and essential oil blends into the air in their purest form. Using no heat, the ultrasonic technology gently disperses the essential oil molecules, widely preserving their aromatic properties so you can fully enjoy their many benefits. Convenient and safe, the diffuser stays cool to the touch and features seven soothing lighting modes and an automatic power-off function. Operates up to four hours with one fill. 1 year warranty from date on purchase receipt.

How To

While the diffuser is unplugged, remove the hood, fill the water tank with cold water and add 3-6 drops of your favourite essential oil. Then replace the hood, plug in the power cable and switch on power. Press the Light button to switch on the light mode and re-press to select the desired light effect. Press the button for three seconds to turn the light off. Press the Mist button once to start immediate diffusion for up to three hours on auto-stop (green light). Press again to auto-stop after four hours (red light) and a third time to stop diffusion. Regardless of setting, the diffuser will automatically switch off when the water runs out. See manual for full instructions.


The Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser can be used with any of Natio’s single Essential Oils, your favourite mix of 2-3 oils and with Natio’s exclusive Oil Blends. Depending on the choice of aroma, you can switch on the diffuser to prepare their bedroom for a restful night’s sleep, set the mood for a cosy dinner party or create a tranquil ambiance for relaxing with a good book on the couch.

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