Ceramic Essential Oil Burner

The high quality Ceramic Oil Burner gently releases the aromas of Natio’s pure, natural essential oils and essential oil blends into the air, filling the room with aromatic ambiance. Cosy and easy to use, the oil burner is a great accessory to bring essential oils into your everyday life. Suitable for home or office. Includes one Natio Soy Candle. Part of the Home Happiness range.

Click to see the comprehensive how-to-guide and learn about the many uses and applications of 100% pure, natural essential oils.


Combining aroma with ambiance, the glazed Ceramic Essential Oil Burner diffuses Natio’s pure essential oils and essential oil blends with the cosy warmth of a soy candle. As the candle heats up the oil, it gently releases the aroma of your favourite essential oils into the air. Use with Natio’s Soy Candles, specially designed for the Ceramic Oil Burner. Made from 100% premium natural soy wax, the candles feature a lead free, pure cotton wick and offer up to 9 hours’ burning time.

How To

Place your Essential Oil Burner on a stable, heat-resistant and non-flammable surface. Fill the bowl with water and 3-6 drops of your favourite essential oil. Light the candle, insert it into the window and place it in the centre of the base. Add more water and essential oil as required. See manual for full instructions.


At an accessible price point, the Ceramic Essential Oil Burner is a cost effective starting point for anyone new to the world of essential oils. The Oil Burner can be used with any of Natio’s single Essential Oils, your favourite mix of 2-3 oils and with Natio’s exclusive Oil Blends.

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